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Welcome to Grover Metal Roofing Company,
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Located on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Grover Metal Roofing Company specialise in metal roofing installation and replacement for both residential and commercial applications, all the way up the peninsular and right across the North Shore.
Our team of metal roofing experts have been trained in all areas of metal roofing and under the watchful eye of master roofer Paul Grover, our knowledge, experience and ability to comply to deadlines and collaborate with management enables us to deliver world class roofing installations, on time, on budget, every time. Call us for both commercial and residential metal roofing.

Grover Metal Roofing Throughout The North Shore

Over the years, Australia has seen a vast increase in metal roof installations. This roofing material has become the first choice for many commercial and residential properties, and with good reason. At Grover Metal Roofing, our mission is to supply our clients with quality metal roofing installed by the best contractors in the Northern Beaches, Lower North Shore, Manly, and surrounding areas.

As metal roofing specialists, we are on a mission to turn any metal roofing idea into a sustainable solution for your needs. We understand how the metal and steel industry plays a crucial role in the environmental performance of a building. For that reason, we strive to close this gap by providing structurally sound and durable roofs. Our team of roofing contractors are experienced, skilled and trained in a variety of roofing installations and replacements, and we are ready to take on your roofing project! Hire our expert for commercial & residential metal roofing.

Qualified & Experienced Metal Roofing Professionals

We know that choosing the right roofing material for your needs can seem simple and trivial. However, with so many different roofing materials available, being well-informed about what your choices are is essential. Metal roofing is a durable option that makes home and businesses not only look great but also provide excellent shelter against the elements. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about performing extensive maintenance for the foreseeable future.

We provide comprehensive standards on all metal roof installations and side cladding projects, while the appropriate standards for safety are met. Our dream team is knowledgeable about the requirements of properties in the North Shore and can achieve polished results on each roofing job.

Our Roofing Services


We specialise in roof replacements using Colorbond products to suit a variety of designs and applications. We’ll replace old, damaged roofs with high-quality roofing that will withstand the test of time, with regularly scheduled maintenance.


Asbestos is a significant problem in many properties across the Northern Beaches and the North Shore. We’re capable of undertaking safe asbestos removal so that you can get back to doing what you love most.


Since our inception, roof repairs have been at the helm of what we do. We’ve undertaken all kinds of damaged roof repairs, including storm damages, corrosion and pest-infections and we’re ready to take care of yours!


Make sure that rainwater doesn’t get the better of your property by having your roof gutters and downpipes installed and maintained by the best in the roofing industry.


Bring natural light into your Northern Beaches home and brighten it up by installing our world-class skylights. We install and maintain them, ensuring that you have natural sunlight streaming into your work and living spaces every day!


Proper ventilation throughout the year is essential, and a great safety measure to have at home. Get the best vents installed by the team at Grover Metal Roofing today.

Our roofs are built and installed to last. We use only the best suppliers and building materials so that our clients and their homes can be satisfied with the solutions we provide them for now and into the future.

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Roof Replacements

Grover Metal Roofing specialise in the replacement of old, damaged roofs, right across the Northern Beaches and the North Shore.

Gutter and Down Pipes

Gutters and downpipes are what keeps rain water from entering your home. Failed gutters and downpipes means water damage.

Asbestos Removal

All throughout Sydney (certainly not limited to the Northern Beaches and the North Shore), properties and roof’s are rife with asbestos.

Skylight Installations

There’s no shortage of sunlight on the Northern Beaches, so why not install a skylight on your roof to brighten your home up with natural light?

Roof Repairs

We’ve been repairing roofs on the Northern Beaches and surrounding areas for many years. We’ve seen it all, from storm damage, through to corrosion and pest problems.


Keep your home well ventilated by making the most of the summer North East winds and the winter Southerly’s that we experience on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

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