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Over the years, exterior wall cladding has evolved. Considering how brick was once seen as the most basic component for building, today, face brick is a popular aesthetic that people enjoy. Today, wall cladding can be made from different kinds of materials, so architects have more to offer home builders and property owners. Choosing the best design for your next design project can be both challenging and fun.

To ease your “burden”, here are some of our most favourite wall cladding designs for you to look at:

#1: Brick cladding

It would be impossible to compile this blog and leave out the traditional brick cladding. This option is perfect for homes and commercial buildings. Bricks come in more colours and variations than ever before, so it would be easy to find just what you need to complement your current building design.

#2: Wood cladding

Another increasing wall cladding option is wood cladding. Wood cladding is an excellent option as a sustainable alternative to traditional materials. As an instant style update, wood cladding is a practical, sustainable external finish available in a variety of species, grains and profiles.

#3: Metal cladding

If you have a commercial building or are inspired to transform your home into a modern and industrial look, metal roof cladding is the way to go. What makes this option so great is that it’s also useful for incorporating bold colours into any wall cladding project. Spice things up by adding metal cladding with opposing materials like timber, for added sophistication.

#4: Ceramic cladding

Since the times of Ancient Egyptians, ceramic tiles have been widely used for wall cladding. As times have evolved, terracotta rain-screen cladding and brick slip systems are used more often in the construction industry. If you’re thinking of getting ceramic rain-screen cladding, you’d be making a wise choice. They protect the structural integrity of buildings from harsh environmental elements without compromising on a beautiful finish.

#5: Stone cladding

Practical and cost-effective wall cladding? Look no further than innovative stone cladding systems. These are designed to slot together, bringing wall cladding systems to a new level of detail and heritage with unique finishing.

Wall cladding has truly come a long way, and you can be confident that more designs and innovations in these systems will continue evolving. For these wall cladding options as well as many more, speak to us at Grover Metal Roofing. We’ve got great options just for you.