Gutter and Downpipe



The combination of gutters and downpipes works together to divert roof water away from homes and buildings when it rains. Where gutter is designed to divert roof water away from the face of a building, downpipes are designed to dispose of the roof water via drainage systems, or plumbing.

We’re lucky enough on the Northern Beaches of Sydney to get some pretty awesome storms, accompanied with some pretty heavy rain from time to time. Without gutters and downpipes, our roof water would find itself running down the building at every available angle, causing damage to buildings, building structure and landscape.

On the Northern Beaches, gutters are often the first thing to go on a roof system because they tend to catch leaves. Leaves form local trees, like the Eucalyptus Tree are actually quite acidic and corrosive. When these leaves build up in gutters, they can cause the metal to corrode.

As roofing experts, Grover Metal Roofing have a huge amount of experience in gutters and downpipes installations. We have always done and still do all of the gutter and downpipe work on the roofs we install, or replace and we also take on gutter and downpipe projects without a roofing component.

As we offer a full roofing service, our team is also very comfortable with the installation and replacement of metal and timber facia boards. It’s all part of the roofing ecosystem.

If you need any assistance with gutter, or downpipe on your property, give Grover Metal Roofing a call today and let our team of experts put your mind at ease.


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