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Roof Ventilation

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Grover Metal Roofing are roof ventilation experts on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

Living in Sydney, it can get pretty hot. Really hot in fact!
When the sun heats our home, roof ventilation gives the heat somewhere to escape, therefore lowing the temperature and making it more comfortable.

With the long hot summer’s and high UV factor we experience on the Northern Beaches, it doesn’t take long for homes to heat up. Opening windows and doors is a good way to let cool air and ocean breezes in, however without roof ventilation, a layer of warm air will always be trapped at the top.

Cleaver roof accessories like ‘turbo vents’, enables fresh air to flow through your home and escape through the roof. This process keeps open circulation happening, so that ‘high level’ hot air is replaced by cooler air entering from the lower levels via windows and doors.

Adequate ventilation is a far more economical way of cooling your house than alternatives like air conditioning. As amazing as air conditioning is, it’s often somewhat unnecessary.

If our homes had better ventilation, we’d require less electric cooling, which would not only save us money, but it is also better for the environment.

Another advantage of roof ventilation is the ability to close it off during the cooler months at your discretion. This limits airflow, allowing more heat to be contained within a given area. So in the summer it’s cooling and in the winter it can retain heat.

Instead of spending money on air conditioning, why not call Grover Metal Roofing to discuss roof ventilation?

It could well be the answer you’ve been looking for.