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Castle Cove Roof Installation Project Brief

As is often the case, Grover Metal Roofing is often called upon by builders and homeowners in situations that exceed beyond the boundaries of a regular roofing project.

On this Castle Cove Roof Installation, the builder approached us with an idea to have a wave on the roof, that connected to a seamless cladding on the adjacent wall. The client also wanted a hidden flashing system.


Our Approach

At Grover Metal Roofing, we’re always up for a challenge. In this instance, we needed to combine our experience with some intricate design skills in order to achieve the desired outcome.

Due to the proposed profile of the roof, we needed to establish the best possible way to make the roof sheet ribs line up, as the curve in the roof was going to make the distances vary.

As ‘Number One Roofing’s premier customer, we were able to get them to create a custom profile that made up for the extra distance. This was the defining point at which we knew the design for this roof installation in Castle Cove would be possible.

Obstacles that we overcame

There were many obstacles on this project that we were well aware of coming into it. We knew this one would be a test, however a rewarding test, none the less.

  1. The client wanted a curved roof, which is not an easy achievement with metal roof sheets that have limited flex. We had to agree on a style and then literally design a product that reflected it.
  2. The ribs needed to align with the roof sheet and the wall cladding. This would normally not be an issue, however with a curved roof, the distances between the ribs will differ, so it had to be customised.
  3. The client wanted a hidden flashing system to improve the aesthetics. This always takes an extra level of planning and design.
  4. The curved roof sheets needed to incorporate and facilitate multiple skylights and gutter details.
  5. The timber work allowed for no margin for error as the roof sheet position was measured and installed to the millimetre.

The Result

This Castle Cove roof installation ticked all of the boxes.

  • It looks incredible
  • It’s functional
  • It’s structural
  • It met budget


With such a complex scope, you can never be too sure how many obstacles you’ll run into along the way. Thankfully in this instance, we were working with a great builder who was on exactly the same page as us.

The finished result is award-winning. We can honestly say that it’s one of the best results we’ve seen in all of the years we’ve been operating. It’s always rewarding to look up at a nice newly installed roof, however this one was once for the books.

Urban Impact

Urban Impact

Site Supervisor

The roof that Paul and the team at Grover Metal Roofing put on the home in Castle Cove, on Sydney’s North Shore was incredible. They had a lot of tricky situations to overcome and they attacked all of them professionally and positively.

I can’t recommend them enough.


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