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Installing corrugated metal roofing means you’re willing to display the surface of the roof shaped like alternate ridges and grooves – crest and trough. That means that corrugated metal roofs are designed with interlocking rippled sheets. So, are they really worth installing whether at home or in a commercial property? Find the answers here:


Corrugated metal roofs, unlike an ordinary roof covered in asphalt, are three times more durable than asphalt alternatives. Corrugated metal roofs are known to last anywhere between 25 and 60 years, given that they are well maintained. That’s because they’re remarkably strong and can withstand some of the worst weather conditions – which is more than any other kind of metal!

Why Was The Corrugated Design Adopted?

With all corrugated metal roofs, the wavy pattern of the individual sheets provides better compressive strength, which makes them stronger. These sheets are also fixed above the building with an adequate slope. This way, rainwater flows down along the surface without stagnating on the roof. Installing corrugated metal roofing makes water drainage flow in a steady pattern, without interfering with any other channel by avoiding standing rainwater.

Advantages of Corrugated Metal Roofing

  • Energy-saving is one of the greatest benefits of having a corrugated metal roof. The rippled sheets act as a light reflector and radiate heat from the sun away from the roof. Therefore, cooling the home in hot summer months.
  • Corrugated aluminium or steel roofs have an average lifespan of about 50 years and even more in some cases. The galvanized steel, stainless steel, or aluminium sheeting does not get rust or fade too quickly.
  • This roofing material is not vulnerable to termites or other insects, due to the chemical treatments which prevents the growth of algae.
  • Due to its lightweight properties, corrugated roofing makes it superior. In turn, this also makes it more durable and flexible with better performance, in comparison to other roofing material options.
  • The metallic corrugated roof is an excellent defence against adverse weather conditions which protects you and your family.

Corrugated metal roofing has proven to be a good investment with great long-term returns for anyone who’s installed it. As a material that requires minimal maintenance, homeowners have less to worry about when scheduling maintenance calls. When your roof needs an upgrade, choosing corrugated metal roofing is the way to go.

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