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The Coronavirus has set us back more than we ever expected! The services we’d usually seek in Northern Beaches are now more limited than ever before.

Many residents are finding it hard to get urgent roof repairs done! So, you may need to make some temporary DIY arrangements. Fortunately, metal roof repairs are easy and affordable!

If you’re lucky enough to know an operational roofing company, make sure to call them. Otherwise, here are some tips from our roofing specialists to help you in the meantime.

Locate The Source Of The Leak

Use a sturdy ladder and look for punctured holes. They’re usually caused by debris or rust, which weakens your roof and makes it contract. This leads to more leaks, as the expansion and contraction can make some panels slide out of place.

Look for any gaps between panels, missing pieces of roofing material, and missing, loose, or rusting screws. If you’re walking on your roof, make sure to follow the line of screws to avoid bending the panels!

Remove And Replace Screws

Immediately replace any missing, rusting or loose screws using a nail bar and 38mm aluminium or 25mm galvanised steel screw nails. Ignoring their name, hammer them in instead.

Pro tip: don’t wrestle with rusted nails. If you’re struggling, use a cordless drill with a screw drill-bit to create new screw holes instead.

Close The Gaps

First, remove any debris from the surface of your panels. Scrub any rusted areas thoroughly using a wire brush. If the coating comes off – don’t worry. It’s been weakened by the rust and should be stripped anyway.

Next, use warm soapy water to clean the affected area and dry it using a cloth. Now, it’s ready to be treated. Use a paintbrush to apply a metal-roofing base coat about 150mm on each side of the gap to keep it water-tight. Then, cover the gap with a piece of waterproof flashing membrane fabric. The same should be done for any holes.

Sealing The Leaks

Once you’ve primed the gaps and holes, it’s time to seal them using urethane cement. Use a putty knife to apply and smoothly spread it over the affected area.  Make sure to apply it uniformly over 150mm of the surrounding panel!

Pro tip: choose a top coat that matches the colour of your metal roofing.

At Grover Metal Roofing, we believe in providing our clients with valuable advice, recommendations, and services. We hope these tips have helped you make a temporary plan!

But, it’s easier said than done. If you need help, guidance, or professional roof repairs in Northern Beaches – call us! We’ve got the expertise you need.

Got questions about our operating hours during COVID-19? Feel free to contact us!