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Wall & Metal Roof Cladding

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Wall Cladding – Add Style and Distinction to Your Walls

At Grover Metal Roofing, we are architectural roof and wall cladding experts. We work extensively and exclusively with the best metal materials to offer custom, lightweight facade solutions with superior quality standards. We also use a wide range of design options to match your home’s aesthetic and style.

Our range of metal roof and wall cladding services aim to fill the ever-growing popularity of internal and external wall cladding in Australia. The ideal choice of our cladding range brings sophistication and distinction to any property.

Why Get Wall Cladding?

Wall cladding acts as a second layer of skin on the outside of a house. External cladding provides insulation, weather-resistance and an added safety against Australia’s unpredictable weather conditions. Not only that, but this feature is excellent to add diversity, style and character to the property design. Improve the appearance of your building with our extensive range of styles, textures and colours. We have everything you need to ensure that your wall cladding matches the building design in texture and colour.

What We Believe In

Our team of experts, well-versed in a variety of disciplines in the building and architectural industry, are at the forefront of innovative living for our customers. Instead of using heavyweight brick walls, we opt for lightweight designed materials to achieve classic and elegant looks for each project we take on.

From fibre cement and wooden cladding, we aim to provide flexibility in design and reduce floor space through our range of styles, geometric looks and composite panels for walls and roofs.

Unmatched Expertise

Our years of skill and experience has provided us with a combined knowledge base of machine operators, fabricators, project managers, tradesmen and women, sales gurus and technical experts to support the needs of our clients with unparalleled solutions.

We stay informed about local, national and international developments in metal roofing and wall cladding so that whatever you need, we can make it happen. Speak to us!

Our range on standard roof and wall cladding profiles include but not limited to:

  • Standing Seam Roof and Wall Cladding
  • Interlocking Wall and Roof Cladding
  • Snaplock Roof and Wall Cladding
  • Shingle Roof and Wall Cladding
  • Tile and Colorbond Roof Cladding

Because of the demand for cladding in Australia, we service areas including the Northern Beaches and greater Sydney. As locals, we put all our efforts into providing Aussies with 100% finished and guaranteed workmanship and satisfaction that exceeds expectations.

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