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Ribbed metal roofing is made similarly to corrugated metal roofing. It’s manufactured in a metal mill and installed in the same way. The only difference is in its appearance and installation cost. Here’s why you should consider ribbed metal roofing as an option.

Why Would Installation Costs Be Higher With Ribbed Metal Roofing?

Ribbed metal roofs are slightly more expensive to install than corrugated metal panelling. Because both roofs are made with similar materials, the manufacturing costs are in the same ballpark. However, installing them is slightly more expensive.

Other than the material, location and the complexity of your roof – such as it’s slope or pitch – the cost can be estimated relatively easily. If your current roof needs to be removed entirely and replaced by a new one, the cost will be higher if the decking needs repairs. In terms of the price, you can see why installing ribbed metal roofing is more costly.

However, ribbed metal roofing can be installed over an existing roof. That means that if you want to cut down costs, this is a viable option. However, make sure you speak to an expert roofer or roofing company about your needs so they can make the recommendations that will best suit your needs.

Ribbed Metal Panel Installations

The most unmistakable characteristic of corrugated panels is the U-shaped curve. Ribbed panelling, on the other hand, has variations that can occur between the upper ribs. The panels are generally 36-inches wide. Each end of the panel will have a raised point made to overlap with another piece. Within each of the two ribs, a consistent pattern that looks like your roof is made from a long vertical panel from the ridge to the eaves will be visible.

Types of Ribbed Metal Roofing

There are two primary types of ribbed metal roofing:

  • R-panel: These have a few variations. With R-panels, the outer rib along the edge will be the upper part of an “R” followed by a flat panel appearing as an “R” at the bottom part.
  •  5V-Crimp: From the side, a 5 “V” shaped ridge appears on each panel.

Because this metal roofing is inexpensive, comes in a variety of styles, colours, is fire, mould and insect resistant, eco-friendly and has excellent ROI, ribbed metal roofing is growing in popularity. At Grover Metal Roofing, we provide ribbed metal roofing installations at an affordable price, so get in touch with us today.