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Your roof doesn’t have to be purely protective. It can also be a statement piece that expresses your style and taste before your guests even enter your home! Residential metal roofing, in particular, adds an industrial feel. This look is hugely popular, trending across the globe! It gives your home a raw, edgy urban look by exposing materials that are usually hidden, like pipes and ducts.

The best part? Metal roofing sheets don’t need to be exclusively for your roof! Yes, you heard it. You can actually repurpose the material to be used throughout your home!

Working with a professional roofing company that specialises in residential metal roofing will help you revolutionise your home’s design! They’ll strategically place metal sheets in the interior and exterior of your home to achieve a refined, modern and unconventional home.

To help you get creative, here are some ideas where residential metal roofing is repurposed to add out-of-the-box style to your home!


Upcycling or repurposing old, unused items around your home into new and compelling household items is a great place to start. If you want to add an industrial feel to your home, take your existing or old furniture and add metal roof sheets to give it a chrome, urban aesthetic. You can transform a piece of furniture into steampunk-Esque décor with metal roofing to give your home a fresh, industrial look.


It’s crucial to have proper planning when trying to maintain an industrial trend throughout your home. By strategically and carefully curating your home through choosing the right places to add metal sheeting, you won’t overdo it. You want those metallic elements to be seen, but not too obvious to the naked eye. So, avoid making them look like centrepieces – but don’t make them look like an afterthought either.


Use roofing sheets as an accent against conventional furniture and décor in your home. Doing this will give off a fresh shakeup that anyone who enters your home will adore. If your living or dining room is the poshest place in your home, add metal sheets and give it a little tinge of grunge!

At Grover Metal Roofing, we know all the latest trends in residential metal roofing that will transform your roof and your home. Using only the best quality metals, you’ll have an industrial, raw, urban styled home to be proud of! As experts in everything metal roofing, we’ve got the expertise needed to revolutionise your roof and the industry connections needed to keep costs low.

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